Scent is a very particular thing to me. I have an incredibly sensitive nose and it comes to finding the perfect perfume; it can be quite an arduous task.

I am definitely one who has her signature scents…oh yes! But before I warble on about all the different fragrances I have for different seasons, let’s just get to the point!

It’s Autumn, and with the falling leaves, out comes my beloved bottle of “Spellbound” by Estee Lauder.

Now first off let me warn you, Spellbound is not for the girly, florally, FRESH folk *shakes head*. It is instead a very spicy, warm and divinely mature fragrance. Think wood cabins, Christmas scents and yummy things like mulled wine. Mmmmm!

It’s definitely unique and not to everyone’s taste but I have been wearing this fragrance every Autumn and Winter for about ten years. It just evokes so many memories now that I guess you could say it is quite bewitching. A fitting name then :)

So that is my Autumn fragrance over and done with! Do you have one too? Let me know!

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