Perfume is such a difficult thing to get right. I tend to spend forever trying to find the perfect scent, so much so that I generally don’t tend to sway from my three bottles of perfume. I guess you could call them my signature scents as my friends all relate them to me.


But! Enough about them as I am here to announce my latest addition, “Quelque Fleurs”.

I once had 90 minutes to myself one Sunday afternoon (yep, boy was watching football!), so I wandered into Liberty to sniff my way through as many perfumes as I could.

I love Liberty’s perfume section. They have some wonderful old scents there. Classic, glamorous and oh so timeless.

So yes, I came across Quelque Fleurs which was one of Dita Von Teese’s favourite scents. Well if it’s good enough for her…!

Despite this, I’ve been spraying this perfume everytime I go into Liberty. Got to make sure and what not! I finally decided to buy it yesterday :)

It is incredibly classic. So retro and glamorous. I really love it.

One day I want to wear Chanel no5 but I feel like I still have to grow into it! That being said I think Quelque Fleur is the stepping stone to it ;)


The 30ml costs £41 so it’s on the more expensive side. Hence another reason to tripple check I really liked it.


I got given some samples which was a nice surprise. Really quite liking the Van Cleeps & Arpels “orchidee vanille”!


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