So I really really LOVE Christmas at Lush. I love the anticipation of seeing what’s new and also being reunited with old friends such as my beloved Snowcake soap (buy in bulk!).

During my lunch break yesterday I tottered over to Lush to check the collection out…and immediately I was drawn to a bath ballistic called “Cinders”. A quick sniff determined that it was indeed a spicy one so in the basket it went.

Now this ballistic also has popping candy in to give it that fire crackling effect…so yes I was curious to see if this was actually going to happen.

Chucked it in the bath this evening and low and just as I was about to declare it a dud…low and behold by bath starts crackling! Yes ladies and gentlemen it was fantastic! Off the candy went and there I am lying in the bath tub in awe. Lush do come up with some funny ideas and I am particularly loving this one!

Give it a go…go on…it crackles!


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