Thought you might like to know that the website where I bought all my nail treatments a while back is having a 20% off everything sale! Plus it’s a Brit website too…yay!

The website is: www.nailcareclub.com

They stock lot’s of fab products such as Zoya and Qtica…lot’s of great nail treatments such as the zoom products. The sale is on until the 20th December so you have lots of time to get your orders in. The email I received says that the 20% discount should automatically be applied when you add a product to your shopping basket.

Am definitely getting more bottles of the Single Nail Food Pack as I think both products in this set are amazing as they have worked wonders for my nails post artificial mess.

Also planning to get a few Zoya nail polishes too…anyone want to recommend some colours I should check out?

Let me know if you buy anything and please let me know what you got. Am hugely intrigued and always curious :)

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