I have always been fascinated with the gorgeous 1940s half moon manicure which one of my style icons, Dita Von Teese, has made as her signature mani. It’s just such a classic chic look but an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE TO RECREATE!

You see…my problem is…I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Not in the neat freak sterile living way, but in a creative way. So yeah…this task was going to be a bit difficult to say the least!

I did a bit of research on half moon tutorials and several of them suggested using those paper hole re-inforcers. FAB idea I thought and duly went to the local stationery store to get some.

Tried it…frustrated me chronic, and scraped that idea.

I’ve read that you can try those french manicure stickers but opted against this…no more sticky paper please!

A bit more research resulted in painted a cross from corner to corner on your nails and curving the bottom triangle to a semi circle then painting the rest in.
I liked this idea but I found out my semi circles were a bit too pointy . Maybe if I gave it more goes I would have mastered this technique.

My last attempt was the hardest…Freehand.

This is how I did it (should have taken photos eh?)

1) Paint on one coat of pale nail polish all over your nails. Think french manicure colour. I chose OPI’s “Kiss on the Chic” but use whatever you have!

2) Get a fine paintbrush (I used one of my old art college brushes), dip it in your colour of choice and paint a curve near the base of your cuticles. It’s best to paint your curve larger than you want to begin with because you can slowly paint another curve to get your half moon exact.

3) Once you’re happy with your half moon use the nail polish brush to fill in the larger part taking care with the curve edges to ensure they are neat and tidy.

4) If you go over the curve tidy it up quickly with a pointed Qtip dipped in nail polish remover. Use gentle slow sweeps to avoid taking more off than necessary. I also used a “Nail Polish Corrector Pen” which I bought from Sephora which really helped!

5) Apply a top coat of Seche Vite avoiding the half moon to help the polish dry fast. (I say avoid, as chances are you will end up picking colour up on your top coat brush and then smearing it on your half moon. NOT good!)

6) Tidy up any edges and your DONE!

Overall I’m reasonably happy with this first attempt. It took forever and some of the curves are wonky…which grates me!
I have no idea how the ladies in the 40s had the time to do this manicure, I really don’t.
It requires a hell of a lot of patience but the overall effect is definitely worth it :)

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