I have been wanting to try this cleanser for an absolute AGE and when the opportunity arose last week I jumped at the chance to hunt it down!

Dubbed as the holy grail of all cleansers, THE cult product used by MUAs, celebs and supermodels, I really wanted to see if Bioderma’s Crealine H20 cleanser lived up to all the hype that’s buzzing around it.

The only problem is actually getting your hands on it. 

You’d think this product would be available in stores in the UK, given that it’s a French company and we are so close to France and all…but NO! It seems to only be available in France and on my recent work trip to Lille I made sure I had an hour to spare to find and retrieve it.

I’d read that even in France it can be a bit difficult to find as not all pharmacies seem to stock it. However, the first store I went to was a supermarket called “Carre Four” and I found it straight away. I also noticed that the beauty store “Nocibe” stocks it too.
I bought a 500ml bottle for approximately £15 I think.

Does it live up to the hype?

Hmmm…as someone with sensitive skin this product doesn’t seem to irritate it whatsoever and it doesn’t leave my skin tight either. I’ve been looking for a wipe off cleanser for a while and I am really quite happy with this. 
It seems to do the job of removing my face make up but it struggles a bit around the eye area. The bottle states it removes waterproof mascara which it really doesn’t do a good job at bog standard mascara let alone waterproof. You will definitely need a separate remover for this area.

I get through about three soaked cotton pads to get to the point where I feel like my face is thoroughly cleansed so you can find yourselfgoing through a bottle quite quickly. I say thoroughly but after cleansing I feel like my skin has a film of product on it. It’s ok after it dries but it’s worth noting that your skin does feel oh so slightly sticky. The boy also doesn’t like to kiss my face if I have used this. He doesn’t like the taste :P

All in all I’m really glad to have finally tried this. If you want a no frills easy to use cleanser that you can just grab, apply to cotton pads and wipe off…this is a relatively good option.

The cleansing wipes on the other hand are really too gentle for me. I don’t wear an awful lot of make up but it’s too gentle to remove everything. Still, I bought them because they are handy to have for those SUPER lazy days i.e post Halloween!

Have you tried this product? What do you think?

And if you haven’t…look out for my next blog post as I will be giving away three travel size bottles in my long over due giveaway!

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