Nars is a brand I really love. They have fantastic eyeshadows, amazing colours and beautiful sleek packaging.
However, it is also quite a pricey brand here in the UK, so when SpaceNK recently had a 20% off promotion I leapt at the chance to buy a Nars lipstick I’ve been eying up for a while.

The lipstick in question is “Funny Face”. A really lovely pretty pink…a fucshia pink…very similar to a fucshia pink I already have. Unfortunately I only discovered this when I got home.

See below for a comparison between Nars Funny Face and Revlon’s Colour Burst in Fucshia:

Here are the swatches Revlon on left, Nars on right.

It’s not apparent in the photo above but the one thing that is different is that the Revlon lipstick has more shine.
There is also a small difference in the shade with Nars having slightly bluer undertone. Still very similar though!

So yes…if you don’t want to folk out £17 for Funny Face may I strongly recommend Revlon’s Fucshia for a bargain £7.99 :)

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