If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am guilty of hair abandonment. My hair is lucky if it sees a brush come near it let alone any gorgeous hair care goodies!

However, if I ever decide to tamper with my hair and have a play with hot styling tools then I will ALWAYS make sure I treat my tresses to ensure my barnet keeps it’s style intact and to also make sure it it hydrated and as nourished as it can be under 200 degrees heat!

Last month I was kindly sent Aveda’s Sooth Infusion and it’s been a joy to use.
Am lucky to be blessed with naturally straight hair but given that I also have very fine hair, there are times when it’s so fluffy and airy fairy it just floats. Not fun!

I’ve been using this product on damp hair just after I wash it to help tame my tresses and stop those annoying little baby hairs from sticking up and it seems to be doing the trick :)

As will all Aveda products the scent smells natural, with this particular product smelling like dried lemons.
Packed with plant extracts and organic tapioca for humidity and heat defending wheat protein it’s not greasy, doesn’t leave a tacky film on my hands after application which is big thumbs up and most importantly my hair doesn’t FEEL like it has product in.

All in all I am very much enjoying this one :)

Visit the Aveda website for more info.

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