GUYS DO MOISTURISE! (guest post)

Thank you HellCandy for inviting me to provide my 3rd guest post and congratulations on reaching 1,000 subscribers!

Following my ramblings about girls’ art of choosing make-up and the emotional scaring caused by a bad haircut, I thought that today I would talk about guy’s biggest secret – moisturising.

I’m sure that all you HellCandy readers out there know of a guy who moisturisers. But did you know that almost all guys moisturise! They usually will not admit it because of their ego but it’s true. I, like all my guy friends, do not use make-up. But like all my friends, I moisturise. In particular, I use a facial moisturiser and do so almost every day. Usually it’s once a day (in the morning).

I feel like I’m betraying guys by revealing this, but I wanted to write about which moisturisers I liked and thought that I could only be taken seriously by letting the cat out of the bag. So here goes…

Now I have used many different facial moisturisers for years now so it’s difficult to remember them all. However, from the moisturisers that I have used in the last two to three years, I can say the following:

Nivea, whilst is a big well known moisturiser brand is not really all that good. It should be used as a back up if there is nothing else around but should not be used regularly. Depending on which version of Nivea you get will depend on what the moisturiser is like. But I have used many of them and they usually are oily, runny or thick and usually will have a plastic type of texture to them. They also usually have quite a bland smell to them.

A moisturiser that I used recently which I thought was reasonable (especially given the price) was the Dr Organic range. I used the manuka rescue cream and the virgin olive oil one. They were both good but the manuka one was a pleasure to put on as it smells so nice.

The Lush dream cream is also ok to use as it makes your skin feel and look good but I would prefer if it smelt a little nicer (it smells a little like a girl’s face mask).

Steam Cream is the best moisturiser that I’ve used recently. It is easy to apply to the skin, smells good and makes your skin look the best when compared to other moisturisers.

Other things to consider when choosing a moisturiser are:

* never use moisturises that contain artificial perfumes in them. They are rubbish as they are bad for your skin; and
* Aloe vera is a good thing for a moisturiser to contain.

Do you have any moisturisers that you can recommend for me or other guys to use? What do your boyfriends use? Tell them its time to confess!

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