It’s week 7 of my No!No! trial and there does appear to be less hair growing back…woo hoo! Fab news and definitely worth the patience :)

Am still having the same issues with the device in that it’s not getting close enough to the hair root to really destroy it, despite how ever many times I go over and over the same patch. Big shame but in the areas that it IS getting to it seems to be doing a good job.

I do find that the No!No! does take a lot longer to use than say an epilator or shaver as you have to go over the same patch a few times to ensure that the hairs have been removed. Does take a bit of patience but wayyyy less messier than waxing and not painful like epilating!

As always here are the updated pics:

It’s my last update next Monday so check back for my full and final review :)


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