Hello! How was everyones weekend?

Mine was MUCH needed and I shall tell you why!
Last Thursday saw a super early start for me with a wickedly mean 3am start…it didn’t help that I went to bed at midnight either!
My working day kicked off under the cloak of darkness as I made my way to Bologna, Italy to supervise the building of a stand. Unfortunately there are only morning and evening flights to this city so a 6.30am flight had my name on it.

Cosmoprof is HUGE. Absolutely HUGE. There I was thinking it to be a relatively big exhibition for packaging and cosmetic fillers, but no one told me (and I was too ignorant to do my homework!) that it was also a hair, nails and make up exhibition! It was only due to the fact that I did get slightly lost that I stumbled upon the other stalls being set up.

On Friday, when the exhibition officially kicked off, I managed to take a quick half hour break from my work stand and very briefly check out the nail exhibits…






Oh how I wish I had some time to just go around the show properly!
Did you attend Cosmoprof? Oh the torture to see so many excitable girls laden with bags full of beauty goodies…

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