Tonight’s post is about blemishes…also commonly known as spots…or even worse…zits.

I use to suffer horribly when I was a teenager but thankfully these days they are pretty non existent. However, recently I developed a rather nasty little demon on my cheek.  It just erupted over night and typically just when I had to go to Bologna and do lots of meet and greets for work (don’t you hate it when that happens?!). Not only was it one of those large under the skin type bad boys, it was also itchy so perhaps I had been bitten by something. Either way…it was a bump and a rather nasty one at that.

Thankfully I keep a few products on hand for these occasions with the first being Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. An unassuming little bottle containing calamine and salicylic acid, this lotion soothes and heals spots like no other. It really does live up to its spot killing hype. I use this as an overnight treatment (splodgy spot lotion all over your face is highly unattractive!) and the next day spots are considerably less obvious.

Another product I really love is Liz Earle’s “spot on”. I’ve had this product for ages and it’s fab for chucking in your bag for use throughout the day. The handy rollerball makes for easy application too. Contains Melissa and Tea Tree oil so it’s got quite a strong herbally scent but again works very well indeed. Perfect not just for spots but for cuts, grazes and insect bites etc due to its antibacterial properties combined with the soothing essential oils of Lavender. Really quite fab!

So did the spot die? Damn right it did! HA!

What are your favourite spot treatments? Leave a comment and let me know!p.s Mario Badescu is a bit of a difficult brand to hunt down in the UK. I bought mine from HQhair, visiting their London store which is just off Regents Street.

Liz Earle you can find in John Lewis or from their website:
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