The one thing I always notice about Thierry Mulger’s fragrances is how different they are.
One sniff is all it takes to distinguish their distinct blend.

Perhaps it is this uniqueness that makes Thierry Mulger’s latest fragrance, “Womanity”, one of Lady Gaga’s perfumes of choice.

Described on the box as a “woody, sweet and savoury eau de parfum” Womanity is a blend figs and caviar. Yep…caviar! A very strange and unusual cocktail of fruity, woody and salty all rolled into one.

To me it smells of coconut and vanilla with an underlying scent that I can’t quite pin. That would be the caviar throwing me off *nods*

It’s a funny fragrance and I haven’t quite made my mind up as to whether it’s one I like. I think it’s the sweetness that I can’t quite embrace, but having said that I LOVE Thierry Mulger’s “Angel” and for years I despised it!
Womanity lingers around all day, it’s the kind of fragrance that has so much going on, super sweet and sickly, and then really intriguing…definitely not a fragrance for those who like delicate scents…this one packs quite a punch.

I own the 30ml bottle that is a beauty to behold, loving the chain collar and the fact that it’s refillable (new fragrance is intended to minimize its impact on the environment as much as possible).

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