My current skincare routine combines Liz Earle’s infamously fantastic Cleanse & Polish with the super high tech Clarisonic cleansing brush. Using the two together has resulted in wonderfully clean and congestion free skin. Love how the two brighten up my complexion without irritating my sensitive!

I first decided to mix them up when I got a bit tired of cleaning all the muslin clothes I have. You see, I wear waterproof mascara every day and it’s a bit of a nightmare to get off anything (I have the towels to prove it!).

I’ve reviewed both products previously, you can find the clarisonic one here and the Liz Earle one here.

A work colleague and I were trying to explain to a male colleague why so many of us in the office use Cleanse & Polish, with my female work colleague stating “it just works!” being enough to get him intrigued. Hes not a fan of creamy cleansers and neither was I, but the whole experience of using such a wonderfully scented and super gentle cleanser on this skin…Mmmm!

As a beauty blogger you do end up trying so many different cleansers but Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish is one I always come back to time and time again (usually to calm my skin after it’s disagreed to another cleanser!Ooops!).


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