Welcome to the all new Hellcandy!

It’s taken me waaayyy longer than expected but I hope that it was worth the wait :)

Whilst this blog will still ultimately concentrate on my love of beauty products (soo many new product to write about!) , you will also notice that I have included some new sections including fashion & lifestyle.
First off! Am no style icon. Oooh no. But I do have an infatuation with shoes…pretty shoes and the sort that have teeth that shred your heels *nods*
I also like to collect vintage so hope this appeals to some of you! We’ll see how this section goes *looks nervous*

As for lifestyle, I think this section is going to be more photo based. Expect plenty of posts about food (I bloody love it!).

Anyway, yes! Have an explore and huge thanks to everyone who has waited so patiently for me to get this new blog off it’s feet! Am over the nights of design infuriation and web coding frustration :P

Hope you like it!

Loves of love,

Hellcandy x

p.s if you click “beauty” you’ll be able to read all the beauty posts pretty much like the old layout ;)


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