This product fascinates me.
At first I thought it was going to feel like a loofah…kinda fibery, tough and smell funny when it dried, BUT! It’s just SO much more and just lovely to use.

It’s a hard one to describe so heres what they say on the Genki website:

Konnyaku is a popular Southeast Asian vegetable, rich in minerals and dietary fibre. For over a century Konnyaku has also been used by the Japanese in beauty treatments.

The unique plant fibre structure of konnyaku is ideal to create the perfect face and body sponge. Incredibly soft, yet textured, the fibres deeply cleanse and exfoliate without damaging even the most sensitive skin. Moisture-rich and naturally cleansing, they can even be used without a separate cleanser or soap

Konnyaku is naturally antibacterial and gently re-balances the skin’s pH levels. Genki Konnyaku Sponges are hand-made from 100% food-grade konnyaku fibre with no preservatives, artificial colourings or additives”.

Here is what it looks like out of the packaging:

To get it going you soak it in some warm water until it softens (it’s very hard when you first get it out!) and then it turns into this super soft and somewhat slippery sponge. So so soft on the skin and just effortlessly glides across the skin with ease. For me it’s such a pleasure to use!

Genki Konnyaku Sponge comes in three types:

• Original – for normal/sensitive skin. 100% pure konnyaku vegetable fibre sponge

• Pink clay – for dry skin. Using mineral-rich French clay, renowned among beauty therapists for its softening effects on the skin.

• Bamboo Charcoal – for oily skin. Perfect for teen skin and those prone to acne and breakouts. Contains activated carbon and minerals that remove excess oil.

The one I have is the original one and you can get it from the Nutribeauty website for £9.99 here

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