WINTER WONDERS: my favourite hand creams

It is starting to get bitterly cold here in London!
One beauty product I find myself grabbing for at any given moment is hand cream.
Here is a selection of my very favourites:

Lanolips Rose Balm Intense

I bought this hand cream last year and it continues to be a steady favourite. Currently I have one on my bedside table & apply it before I sleep for soft hands in the morning :)
One thing I will say about is is that it doesn’t really smell of roses to me but sinks in amazingly fast without leaving any stickiness. Would love it if it came in a larger tube as I find myself going through the 50ml super quickly!

Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache hand creme

Not one for those who despise foody scents but I LOVE the scent of this one! Whilst it doesn’t necessarily pass my 30 second rule (must sink into the skin completely in 30 seconds or less) it reminds me of pistachio ice cream which makes it highly addictive *nods*

Melvita Apricosma Hand cream

I was given this super nourishing hand cream to try at a Melvita event I attended & it’s soo good.
Formulated with Melvita’s patented 3 honey complex it’s fantastic for super dry & sensitive hands.
I originally had this sitting on my desk but felt guilty for not sharing it with my OCD other half so brought it home for us both to use & he’s been enjoying using it on his mitts too.
You get 150ml for £16.50 & it will definitely last you AGES as a little goes a very long way!

Lavera Orange hand cream

This smells so fresh & is an absolute pleasure to use!
I first heard about Lavera when my bf came home with a goodie bag from the dentist of all people. Inside was a travel size tube of a Lavera hand cream. Since then I’ve gone on to try several but I really love the orange scented one the best.
The formulations of these are lovely, Passing the 30 second rule with ease leaving hands wonderfully moisurised without any stickiness.

What is your favourite hand cream? Would love to know!

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