One of my blogging New Year Resolutions was to do a regular monthly round up of the products I’m loving right now…eeep am late with this first installment already…drat!

Well…better late than never as they say…here’s what’s been floating my boat in January:

Inika Organic Liquid Foundation
Shade: beige

Am always on the hunt for natural makeup and I picked this one up quite a while ago now. Wasn’t expecting much from it but the coverage is decent and it applies smoothly and sets well too (sometimes I find mineral/natural foundations to leave a slightly sticky sheen!). Smells like geranium to me but I can’t see it in the ingredients. Saying that it is packed with natural goodies like Aloe Vera to moisturise your skin, and the fabulous Rosehip oil which is great for evening out skintone!

Mac blusher
Shade: Prim & Proper

I have just recently rediscovered this blusher & I’ve fallen in love with it. At the time I bought it it was more for the pretty packaging than anything else, but I am loving the natural rosy glow it gives my cheeks. Unfortunately it’s a limited edition but I never hit pan with my blushers so not too concerned with running out of it anytime soon…

Liz Earle Spot On

I have been plagued with some really mean ol spots of late. Really quite unsettling, and whilst I love the Elemental Herbology blemish pen I blogged about a while ago,  the lid keeps falling off! Tres annoying. So it’s back to an oldie but a goodie. Super easy to use and super effective too. Just hope you like the scent of tea tree is all.

Paul & Joe Primer

I was given this a while ago at a Paul & Joe blogger event and have only just gotten round to trying it out. You see, my skin has always been quite dry during the Winter months so there hasn’t really been a need to use any primers. However, this year is different for some unknown reason (!) and this primer is really lovely. It applies like a light foundation and isn’t jam packed with silicones either. Most of all, it does the job but the packaging is very attractive too *nods*
Disclosure: PR sample

Lush Buffy Body Butter

Sometimes I just can’t be bothered to do the whole body moisturising malarky. It’s one of the very few beauty regimes that genuinely feels like a flipping chore to me! So on the days when I really, truly cannot be a**sed, I reach for this little saviour whilst in the shower to not only exfoliate my skin, but leave it moisturised and delicately scented too.

Miners Matte Lip Paint
Shade: Deep Red

I recently blogged about my love for these here, and the one that has been accompanying me daily is “deep red”. It’s obvious why…am such a sucker for rouge!
Disclosure: PR sample

Benefit Moon Beam

I love this product. I’ve tried numerous illuminators and this one is still my go to. I’ve lost count of how many bottles of this product I’ve bought over the years. It’s just that little bit more special than the silvery highlighters about.

Trilogy Purifying Masque

I don’t often favour clay face masks as without fail I will get it caught up in my fringe & no matter how many times I try to wash it out, I’ll end up strolling out the flat with face mask in my hair. It’s pretty much a given.
That being said, my blemish situation has had me call in the troops & this face mask is something I slap on whilst in the bath. I definitely feel like it improves the spot problem.
Disclosure: PR sample

Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer
Shade: NC30

I completely forgot I bought this. I found it one day whilst organising one of my make up drawers and literally stood there, completely puzzled as to how it got in my collection in the first place. I bought it and subsequently forgot about it. BUT now I’ve rediscovered it, I’m finding I really love it. My go to concealer has been Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage (which lasts forever!), but it’s nice to mix it up a bit. It takes up less room in my makeup bag too…

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

I bought this when I was in Australia during the whole missing luggage fiasco. Jetlagged and weary, I stumbled into a pharmacy and got myself a little travel kit of Trilogy goodies to see me through and this was part of it.
Now I’ve used this product before, years and years ago when I lived in New Zealand for a year. I can’t remember it being that good, but I’ll tell you now that it is amazing. I apply it at night time and you can FEEL the difference in the morning. It’s that good. Pure rosehip oil and nothing else, it doesn’t smell too fancy but it does a great job at healing the skin (I’ve been bad & been poking at my spots)!

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