They always say you always want what you don’t have & I think this is especially true when it comes to hair. I’ve always wanted curly hair…especially so when I was a child & would happily munch on asparagus in the false hope that it would give me curls…

Needless to say, that never worked, but what does work & quite brilliantly, is the fantastic Babyliss Waving Wand.

Now I think it’s safe to say most people have tried a conical wand before, you know those rather rude looking curling irons…yep you know the ones! I have those (the Babyliss Pro ones), but they are nothing compared to the Waving Wand.

I was first introduced to it by the lovely Really Ree who always has such stunning hair every time I see her. Last time we caught up I asked her what she used to create her enviable waves & she told me about the Waving Wand.

If you see from the photo below, it’s oval in shape as oppose to the cone shape of the conical wands.

Another great thing about it is that it has several heat settings so you can adjust it to the right temperature for your hair. I love this feature as I am always weary of using heated appliances on my hair. My conical wand doesn’t have a temperature setting so I often think it’s too hot! With the conical wand I set it to 155c (the lowest setting) for my long & fine hair.

Because the wand is quite slender, considerably more so than my conical wand, it’s so much easier to use & lighter too, allowing me to curl my hair in about 15 minutes though am sure I can get it down to 10 with more practice!
The Wand comes with a heat proof glove which is invaluable if you’re super clumsy like me, although I do wish I also came with a pouch to store it in (I find these things super useful for keeping my appliances tangle free & tidy).

Below are the results!

I usually run my fingers through my hair after I’ve finished to give more natural waves but for the purpose of this review I thought I’d show you the immediate results you will get when you use this Wand.
Check out the fantastic tutorial the fabulous Filthy Gorgeous Makeup did for Babyliss here (Natalya you make it look SO easy!)

The Babyliss Waving Wand costs about £35 from Boots. I bought mine from the Oxford St flagship store after hunting in every Boots store in London’s West End. Hands down it is the easiest & most effective curling iron I have ever used. Definitely worth trying out if you fancy some lovely loose waves…perfect for Summer!



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