Celebrity perfumes are not products I often get into. In fact I don’t own any! But that being said, when Dita Von Teese announced that she would be launching her first fragrance I popped it straight on to my wish list. You all know how much I adore her!

Today saw the launch date for London with the perfume available exclusively in the luxury department store Liberty. The best bit about it was that Dita herself would be making a public appearance *cue squeal*

Here are a few shots from the launch:

The paparazzi on standby:

The Rolls Royce Dita arrived in. Unfortunately I was too small & far away to get a photo of her:


annnd me with Dita *faints*

Dita is insanely stunning in real life. Her skin is incredible & she is just perfectly polished & sophisticated. Was an absolute pleasure to meet her!

I managed to sneak in a few questions whilst she was signing her autograph for me which was to ask her what lipstick she was wearing (answer: Art Deco/Dita Von Teese collection) and also when her beauty book will be released (answer: this Autumn).

As for the fragrance, I bought the purse spray & shall post a review up ASAP!


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