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With xmas less than a month away I always try & squeeze in a bit of ME time! Easier said than done, but there is something so GOOD about having an indulgent half hour in a steaming hot bath filled with some delightful & delicious product.

One of my best friends introduced me to these Kneipp bath oils. Originally seeking a cheaper alternative to the Aromathrapy Associates bath & shower oils I gave her last xmas, she wanted a product she could use more frequently, having done the same as me & squirreled away her AA oils for an extra special treat!

A great introduction to the brand the set features six 20ml bottles of their most popular herbal bath oils.

The Kneipp Herbal Bath Collection Gift Set contains: Herbal Bath Lavender (for deep relaxation and to help combat fatigue) Herbal Bath Eucalyptus (to breathe easier during cold, flu & allergy season) Herbal Bath Valerian & Hops (promotes relaxation and a sound night’s sleep) Sensual Seduction Bath – Black Night Blooming Jasmine (soothing to senses yet stimulating to fantasies) Pure Bliss Bath – Red Poppy & Hemp (relaxes body and soul for beautiful moments) Warm Embrace Bath – Ginger, Cardamom, Macadamia & Honey (gentle warmth and relaxation for peaceful moments).

For me the stand out product in this set has to be the Valerian & Hops bath oil. A bright blue liquid that colours your bath water pretty, it’s incredible, relaxing & soothing the mind to blissful jelly! The scent is deliciously herbal & addictive. SO SO good & I was left feeling delightfully drowsy :)

I also really liked the Red Poppy one which is my best friend’s favourite!

Whilst not as potent as Aromatherapy Associates oils, they are a nice affordable treat to make Winter bathing all the more pleasurable with the set costing just under £10. Perfect xmas present or a cheeky treat for yourself :P

Happy bathing!


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