It’s all about HAIRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!
My blog has pretty much documented over the years just how rubbish I am at looking after my hair. I don’t know why I’m so terrible at it, but I like low maintenance hair!
If I were to confess, I think on average I visit the hairdressers about 5 times a year (eeeep!) & always always home hair dye.
Lately I’ve been admiring how so many woman have such fabulous hair. Just yesterday I was in Zara & the lady in front of me had such perfect curls in a fab 40s style…I love curling my hair*sigh* I need to be more proactive with this hair malarky!

So yes, 2013 is the year of the hair!
I don’t think I’ll be commiting to a new hair style (am still trying to grow my hair longer!) but hopefully this year you’ll be seeing more hair product reviews from me, more experiments with hair colour & I am definitely going to try & visit the hair salon more often!

What are your 2013 beauty resolutions? Leave a comment & let me know!


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