fringe BANGS 101

I often have people asking me about my fringe. Usually it’s questions about maintenance, how I style it & do I trim it myself etc etc so I thought I’d do a quick 101 post!

I’ve had my fringe for the last 6/7 years & initially it took me quite a while to commit to a fringe, mostly because I like my hair to be as low maintenance as possible!
Whilst I was umming & ahhing over whether to get one or not, I spent a few months trying out one of those clip on fringes. I bought mine from a fantastic online cyber goth store where they colour matched the hair piece to my own, allowing it to blend in with ease! Unfortunately this store doesn’t exist any more but you can easily find alternatives online (Hershesons do some!).

If you’re inbetween two minds as to whether to go for it or not, definitely try a clip in fringe first!

Clip in fringes are great at helping you decide whether a proper one is for you or not. You get to experience the whole frustration of fringe separation, the whole annoyance of having to wash it daily as they tend to pick up the oil from your forehead..YAY!

However, despite all this I still couldn’t get the thought of a proper fringe out of my head & armed with this picture of Chiaki Kuriyama I headed off to my hairdressers & went for the chop & never looked back!

Here are some tips & tricks on how to keep a fringe looking it’s very best:

* Wash it daily!
Because your fringe basically rests on your forehead, it will have a tendency to get oily, especially if you have oily/combination skin. Washing it daily will help you to avoid your fringe from separating & having those annoying gaps in it.

* Clip your fringe to the side before you go to bed
This little tip came from one of my best friends…If you don’t have particularly oily skin you can get away with clipping it to the side with some bobby pins before you go to sleep. In the morning just brush it straight & hey presto! Hair still looks good!

* Buy some hairdressing scissors & a comb

You’re going to need them if you want to maintain a fringe! I think on average I trim mine every two weeks, it’s amazing at how fast hair can grow! It can be scary the first time you try your hand at having a go yourself but my general rule of thumb is to keep my fringe at brow length, using my brow bone as a guide. Using a comb I brush my fringe straight & start from the middle, using the comb as a guide I start by snipping a bit less than I actually want so there is room for trial & error! When I get to the sides I use my eyebrow arch as another guide to cut the ends at an angle that compliments. To keep it looking relatively straight & even I take tiny snip upwards after the initial trim to help balance it out & soften the line. Helps a LOT!

* Invest in some mini straighteners
My hair is naturally straight but even I can see a huge difference to my fringe once I’ve ran some straighteners through them! This doesn’t happen often mind you, I tend to keep this for when I go out, but my Cloud 9 mini straighteners are so good for this task. The small size ensures I don’t burn my face & I ever so slightly turn the straighteners away from my forehead as I straighten to give my fringe a slight curve which adds a bit of volume to it :)

*Use hairspray
I don’t use many styling products in my hair but the one thing I do use is hair spray. Hairspray works wonders at keeping your fringe in place, especially if it has a tendency to want to separate all the time! It won’t stop the wind mind you!

Hope these tips help! If you’ve got any questions about fringes/bangs leave a comment & I’ll try my best to help!


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