Herra Hair Perfume…amazing stuff!

This is a genius product…I LOVE IT.
Lets be honest here…sometimes hair can get a bit whiffy…not in a dirty-not-been-washed-in-ages way..but it a I’ve-been-cooking-been-next-to-a-smoker/am-a-smoker kind of way. Btw I don’t smoke!
I was having one of those days when my hair smelt of food (erugh!) when one of my work colleagues came over wielding a product in my face saying “omg you’ve got to try this!”
The said product was Herra’s Hair Perfume.
Not to be confused with dry shampoo (it won’t stop your hair from looking oily or white for that fact!), this product smells incredible…slightly sweet but also really rather sophisticated. Presented in a glass bottle, it resembles a fragrance but is formulated to be used exclusively on your hair.
With organic olive oil extract to help protect against pollutions & sunflower extracts to shield the hair from UV damage it really is a fantastic product that helps your hair stay healthy as well as helping it to smell lovely.

Visit the website for more info

Dani if you’re reading this…huge thanks for the product…hair tresses smell divine!

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