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I have new hair! See…I am trying to keep to my 2013 blog resolution which was to spend this year focusing more on hair :)

For xmas my mum bought me a Groupon deal for Lisa Shepherd which included a half a head of highlights, cut, treatment & blowdry. I very rarely visit the hairdressers to dye my hair so this was a real treat!

In preparation the night before I decided to dye my roots. Not normally a difficult affair but I thought I’d dye it a teeny bit darker so that the ombre would have more contrast. BIG mistake!What I was expecting to be a nice warm chestnut brown came out a horrible artificial plumy red. (Note to self…never ever use Naturtint 5C Light Copper Chestnut…EVER AGAIN).

I really really cannot stand artificial red so a mini panic ensued but after a little discussion with fellow beauty bloggers on Twitter I decided to leave it to the experts to fix.

I’ve been to the Lisa Shepherd salon before for a cut & the service before & they was fab the first time round & even better the second.
My stylist was Mark who did a fantastic job at listening to my concerns with my terrible DIY home job (really I’m not usually so bad!)
Here is what it looked like before. You can’t really see the plumy mess but believe me it’s there! As you can see it already was a bit of a ombre already…

This is what it looks like now!

As you can see the plum is still ever so slightly present but much better than it was!
For DIY ombre-ers…they dyed my roots first leaving two thirds bare:
After the base colour had time to develop (and tone down the awful plum shade), my hair was then washed & bleach was applied to my damp hair to the remaining two thirds. The bleach was left on for five minutes initially with more applied to just the ends whilst the original bleach was still on. The stylist used a rubbing motion on the ends of my hair to really get the bleach going.


ombre hair asian hair
I love the results & the soft ombre! No brassy blonde either (they used a toner after removing the dye) & my hair still feels lovely & soft! Think applying the bleach to damp hair definitely helped with making the ombre gradation so smooth so I’ll be making a note of this next time I try to do it myself.
I think this is probably the darkest my roots have ever been dyed (I have naturally black hair) & I’m already thinking of all the possibilities this has opened up. No need to dye my roots quite so often…and also could dip dye the blonde bits a pale pink…!

But for now I shall be enjoying this look for a good few months at least!

If you like the look I saw that Groupon are doing the same deal right now so check out their website for more info :)

Thanks so much Mum for such a lovely treat :) Love you! xxxx

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