How to: Kate Middleton inspired hair with GHDs

ghd kate middleton hair


Have taken a break from the pin curls to experiment with my new GHDs!
These bright & cheerful straighteners are part of the new Candy Collection limited edition which features the GHD IV styler in three pretty colours; mint, lemon and violet.

Now you’d think with naturally straight hair I’d have no real need for hair straighteners but if you’ve ever had a fringe you will know they can be pretty pesky to maintain. A quick run through the straighteners is all that’s needed to ensure it keeps it’s shape.

I also find straighteners FAB for curling my hair & the GHDs do a particularly great job at this & look at the volume I achieved! All this without any volumising product, just some heat protecting spray (I used the Tresemme one) & my lemon coloured GHDs.

To start off with I roughly sectioned off my hair, pining half of it on top of my head, allowing me to get to the bottom row as such.
To achieve a curl I begin my clamping my hair in the straighteners & immediately twist the GHDs away from my head, making a half turn motion with my wrist.

curl hair with GHD straighteners
That little flicking motion I make at the end is me twisting the curl around my finger to encourage it to fall into shape :)
Carry one taking small 1 – 1.5 inch sections & curl your way round!
Once you’ve finished curling your hair it should look something like the image below (left hand side). As you can see the curls are quite defined & tight. I wanted softer Kate Middleton-esque curls so I took a natural round bristle brush to them to give a softer more natural finish:


Here is the end result!

ghd straighteners to curl hair
The whole process took me about 10 minutes from start to finish…super quick & super easy :)

One of the great things about using hair straighteners to curl your hair is that you reduce the chances of burning your fingers. As someone who has incurred many a burn from conical wands & curling wands, this is one of my preferred method for curling hair! It is worth noting though that the ends of the GHDs do get quite hot, something I wasn’t expecting so do watch out.

Here are a few close up shots of my straighteners:

ghd lemon straightener
The ceramic plates on these are super slick! Hair literally will glide through these like silk which I found very impressive as I own a few straighteners by other brands that have ceramic plates but they are no where near as smooth as these.They heat up incredibly fast & beep when they are ready too.

Would have been great to have seen a protective heat guard included with these & a carry bag too, but overall am very impressed with these GHDs & how quickly they can achieve a style in next to no time!

The GHD Candy Collection is out now. Visit the website for more info

(disclosure: PR sample)

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