my new cat eye sunglasses

Hello! Hope you’re all well!
London has seen the most amazingly warm weather this past weekend & even better as it was a bank holiday (public holiday to non UK readers) on Monday so I had three days off work to bask in the sunshine & wear my new sunnies!

opening ceremony cat eye sunglasses
The bf surprised me on Friday evening with an impromptu date night in Covent Garden where he presented me with what he modestly called a ‘little gift’.
The weekend before we had ambled into the Opening Ceremony store where I had tried on a bunch of sunglasses, quietly admiring the pretty designs & colours but never actually coming away with any. He had remembered this & made a sneak visit before we met up to buy these adorable plaid print cat eye pair. How cute is that?!
I don’t think I ever would have bought them myself so they are a real treat for me & the bf picked the design out himself..aww! I love the print, so bold & so cheerful! I’ll admit I probably would have gone for a boring brown or a boring black for fears the turquoise plaid wouldn’t match anything but it really compliments red lipstick so so well.


This particular pair are a pricy affair so I had a quick peek on ASOS & found these beauties, all of which I would love to wear & are purse friendly too :)

Cat Eye Sunglasses!
Which one is your favourite?


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