Sponsored Post: Introducing Be Jeweled, the latest fragrance from Vera Wang!

Be Jeweled is the highly anticipated fourth female scent from the iconic New York bridal designer.

“Be Jeweled is about attitude and a certain sense of glamour, fun, self-expression, feeling ready and spirited and happy… ready to take on the world.” – Vera Wang

If you’re a fan of sweet fruity fragrances you will absolutely love this scent!

With notes of red currant muddled with peony & topped with a good dash of champagne, this fruity floral fragrance will appeal to your girly side.

The beautifully faceted body & jewelled metal collar also sees Be Jeweled follow on from the premium brand’s theme of highly decorative bottles and would sit pretty on any dressing table (unfortunately I don’t have one so all my fragrances are crammed in a drawer!).



Check out the Vera Wang Bejeweled video featuring ballet dancer, turned fashion model Laura Love, as she talks us through a typical day in her life & the importance of scent as an accessory & finishing touch to any outfit.

Disclosure: Sponsored by Vera Wang

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