My new favourite body scrub!


When it comes to body scrubs I want them to mean what they say. None of this barely feel it “scrubs”, I want one to really feel like its giving my skin a new lease of life, removing all the dead skin & just giving a great exfoliation.

I don’t know about you but I often feel a bit let down by many of the scrubs on the market. It doesn’t matter whether its a high end scrub or a budget one, many of them seem to be a bit lame, like a floppy hand shake *shudders*!

Recently I’ve been staying at my parents place & this is where I discovered the beauty that is Soap & Glory’s “Pulp Friction – foaming fruity body scrub”. You see its actually my mum’s & being the curious beauty addict that I am I couldn’t help but try it out a few times…sorry mum!

Soap & Glory is a brand that I will admittedly say is a brand that doesn’t usually appeal to me. Namely the OTT marketing blurb & similarities to Benefit branding kind of made me think that there wasn’t much originality to them as a stand alone brand.

That being said I absolutely LOVE this scrub.
Packed with pumice (for a decent scrub!) & fig powder (not sure what this actually does), it smells fruity but not sickly sweet. Think the peppermint helps to balance the fragrance out considerably.
I also love that it actually does foam! So simple but so appealing! I know foam is all sulfates etc etc but I’m still in the brainwashed mindset that bubbles = clean & its a fun product so it suits me just fine :)

Overall I find using this product a real pleasure. It’s a satisfying scrub that leaves you feeling super clean & the best bit is its affordability; £8 for 250ml.
Quite possibly one of the best scrubs I’ve used so far & I’d definitely recommend this if you’re on the look out for a new body scrub!

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