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Finally shook off the jetlag thing (so horrible!) & slowly easing myself back into the blogging…thank you for your patience!
I thought I’d share with you some lip balms I picked up whilst on holiday…I don’t know what it is about lip balm but it’s so addictive & whilst I’m pretty sure I have enough to last a life time (seriously!), I can’t seem to resist trying more :P

Here is what I picked up:


Jack Black Black Tea & Blackberry Intense Therapy lip balm
I’ve wanted to try this for a while as it’s the lip balm XSparkage swears by (love her YouTube videos!) & it was actually the last lip balm I picked up whilst waiting for my plane home at the airport. Not really familiar with the brand (it’s a male skincare & grooming label), but the lip balm range has some interesting flavours with Black Tea & Blackberry just one of them!
As for whether it lives up to it’s rave reviews…I’d say it is actually really quite good. Non greasy & with spf 25 to boot, it does a good job & keeping my lips soft & moisturised :)

Yu-Be Lip Balm
I love the original Yu-Be lotion (aka Yuskin A) so when I saw this lip balm at Lola of North Beach I had to give it a go! Again it does a fab job at conditioning the lips & is non greasy too which gets a good thumbs up from me! Also doesn’t have a very strong medicinal scent like the lotion.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter
Whenever I use to visit the States my mum &  I would stock up on the Vaseline Lip Therapy tubes. In fact if I look round the house hard enough I bet I can dig some up! This dinky little pot of balm caught my eye in Walgreens & the cuteness of the packaging won me over. Not a bad lip balm either :P


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