What’s inside my vintage box?

Hello! Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!
Today I am sat out in my parents back garden writing this blog & thought it would be nice to do a little show & tell, I hope you like it!
I picked up this cute little vintage lucite box in San Francisco for a fantastic $10 (approximately £6.55). We were lucky to have stumbled across a few antique stores when we were there & it was so nice to see lots of old vintage American items, most of which I would have happily have lugged back with me had I had the luggage space!

So whats inside the box? Have a peek & see!

Pretty pretty vintage earrings!

Many of these I’ve had since I was a kid, my parents love to collect antiques & my brother & I would trawl after them at various fairs, jumble sales & boot sales at stupid o’clock in the hunt for some treasures; which in my case would be vintage costume jewellery. To this day I have boxes of necklaces, dress clips, earrings & bracelets, many of them need mending but alas many of them still remain in the fixing queue…ooops!

I’ve sifted through the boxes & pulled out my very favourites to pop into my new earrings box along with two new bakelite additions which I am completely in love with:

I got both pairs for around £6.50 each which I am thrilled about, especially the carved pieces to the right which were a buy-it-now on eBay…super lucky as the pieces I saw in San Francisco were ridiculously expensive.
Another pair which are new-to-me are these cute reverse carved lucite ones:

I’ve always been fascinated by these reverse carved pieces & have always wanted a brooch of the same design. Unfortunately I’ve never found one that I really like & that’s also at a price I would be happy to pay!
These 1950s earrings on the other hand are adorable & would go with anything & I got them for £5 at a car boot sale which is really quite pricey as far as boot sales go but you don’t see these often & in a colour that is so pretty as this.

As for the rest of my earrings:

White glass clip-ons :)

I use to be fascinated with Austrian crystal! I can’t say I’ve ever worn any of these out but they still remain favourites & hopefully the days will come when I will give them all an outing :)
As for the little birds I originally bought as a stick-on-collar idea but they work well as cute earrings too & the red pair in the same photo were picked up on a road trip to Santa Cruz for $1.

All the earrings I’ve shown are clip-ons. I have pierced ears but I love the old costume jewellery designs so I don’t let the clips put me off…even if they have a tendency to pinch quite a bit!

Hope you like today’s show & tell. Have a fabulous weekend!

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