Two shades of grey…

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely weekend :) Spent mine celebrating a friend’s birthday on Friday night, dancing into the early hours & having lots of fun! Saturday & Sunday were very chilled lazy ones with the bf treating me to a yummy meal at Burger & Lobster…if you haven’t been you must go!

Today I thought I’d share with you some of the recent goodies I’ve picked up at a few charity shops. I don’t often find many amazing finds in the shops these days, they either seem inundated with Primark clothes or the items are too modern!
That being said, last week I did find two lovely items:

I am in need of some decent cardigans & this silk blend one from LK Bennett is fab for Summer.
However, my most exciting find is most definitely this vintage 1950s lucite purse!

Just by chance my brother & I decided to pop into a few charity shops close to my parents place. I wasn’t really on a hunt for anything, just casually browsing & poking around the kick knacks of glass bowls & pottery when my eyes landed on the purse. At first I thought it was a jewellery box, but then I saw the marbled sides & a little twinkle from one of the rhinestones…& I think I literally snatched it up opened the lid & saw the price:

£3!!! Absolute vintage score!
If you follow me on twitter you will know that last month I was super gutted to have missed out on a lucite purse by seconds at a boot sale so to find this without the swarm or dealers to fend off…amazing!
Unfortunately it wasn’t in the best of conditions when I bought it, pretty grimy on the lid, so much so that the rhinestones barely sparkled & with a lot of scratches & strange circle marks on it.
At first I tried Brasso to remove the marks & it barely made a dent which was frustrating as the marks were really noticable, but then I tried using Simichrome polish & in one application it made a huge difference. I think I used it about 4 times to fully remove all the scratches….AMAZING STUFF!

After finding the Horrockses & Shaheen dresses earlier last month I was pretty sure my vintage luck was running out but then I found this clutch which I absolutely adore & will treasure for years to come! It beats any Zara perspex clutch hands down :P

BUT! The luck hasn’t stopped there…just spent yesterday evening bidding on an AMAZING bangle & I got it. Cannot wait for it to arrive so I can show you all!

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