Outfit of the Day: song bird novelty print skirt!

I love a good bargain. A steal in fact & I proudly get this trait from both my parents who from an early age installed in me the benefits & joy of finding THAT amazing deal.

This skirt is one of my most favourite bargains this year. It’s been well documented on this blog how much battle I have to do these days to find good stuff. I can remember well over ten years ago when I could trudge along to a bootsale with £5 in my purse & come home with a whole new wardrobe.

These days there are so many dealers out there; gold dealers, watch dealers & the ones I watch out the most for….vintage clothing dealers.

The morning I found this (vintage?) skirt I was distracted by some beautiful crochet gloves (they fit me!) & unfortunately didn’t get to the beautiful black vintage dress in time (those particular dealers worked in pairs…curses! Out numbered!). However…my beady eye zoomed in on this AMAZING bright canary yellow novelty print skirt…OMGosh & for £2! Check out the musical notes on the birds!

Top: H&M
Skirt: boot sale (thrifted)
Shoes: TKMaxx
Bangles: bakelite

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