“If you’re from here then I’m Japanese”

This was the subsequent response I verbally received from an Oro Gold Cosmetics sales assistant when I politely declined his offer of a “free sample”.

I don’t think I have ever written a ranty blog post in my 5 years of beauty blogging but this particular incident has; to put it ever so bluntly…pissed me off.

To put the above quote into context let me explain how it all came about.

Last night I was on my way to a blogger’s event on Brook St, London. When I stopped at the lights of the Bond Street intersection I was beckoned by a young male sales assistant from a shop called “Oro Gold Cosmetics”.

The guy had a box of sample sachets in his hands & tried to offer me one.

As I was in a rush to attend my event I politely declined his offer to which he responded:

“It’s a FREE sample. Don’t you want a FREE sample to try?”

Again I politely said “No thanks” & proceeded to wait for the lights to go green so I could cross the road.

The next thing the guy asks me is:

“Are you Japanese?”

I thought it an odd & inappropriate question, but to which I responded:

“No I’m not. I was born in London.”

Sales assistant:

“If you’re from here then I’m Japanese”

WTF? I mean serious…WTF?!!

I genuinely had no reply I was so annoyed & promptly walked through a red light before the guy could insult me any further.

Whatever happened to good ol questions like:

“Hello! Have you heard of our brand before? If you have a few minutes I’d love to show you some of our products”

For someone who looks like me you will occasionally get some idiot who thinks you must either be Japanese OR Chinese because clearly to these ignorant individuals the rest of the Far East does not exist.


“How can you look Chinese when you’ve got an English accent?” (seriously, someone asked me this once).

I am neither of the above but why does it even matter?

I am so sick of these pushy sales assistants who can’t seem to take NO for an answer. If Oro Gold Cosmetics is the premium & luxury brand they try to portray then why do they need such cheap market place sales tactics & on Bond Street no less? I don’t see Crème de la Mer, Sisley or La Prairie peddling their wears on street corners; least of all throwing out insults & ethnic assumptions for good measure.

A little bit of research on Oro Gold Cosmetics came up with these results:

Beware of Oro Gold Cosmetics” by fellow Brit blogger Beauty Lovin

Which then led me to this complains board

Either way I have absolutely no desire to purchase or try any products Oro Gold Cosmetics especially when they practice such insulting sales tactics and all this because I didn’t take a sample.

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