Sewing Project #3 – the 50s style dress

As mentioned a while back I’ve started to sew!

After successfully completing my second sewing project I decided to up the sewing stakes & embark on my second dress…which proved to be incredibly frustrating, rewarding & a lot of ‘meh’ all rolled into one.

I don’t know why I sometimes do this but I love to jump in at the deep end with new things. Run before walking etc etc. Make a 1950s dress before a boring old a-line one (oh wait I actually did make a boring dress!).

It didn’t help that I decided to alter a free online pattern (I’ve never sewn a bodice before) & my little red sewing machine has no seam allowance guides…*sigh*

I think in my head I have delusions of being an amazing sewing queen…but alas the finished project proved barely wearable…(huge & i mean HUGE gaping bust issues along with unraveling bais tape).

Below is the finished dress…the cardigan does a good job at hiding the terrible bias tape mess!


Dress: made my me
Cardigan: Uniqlo
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Belt: my mum’s
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Bangles: bakelite & celluloid

Sewing lessons learnt:

1) I should have followed a pattern instead of drafting a bodice for my first proper dress
2) Lining should not be sewed together with the actual fabric…doh!

I think once I have gotten over the trauma of sewing this dress I’ll take it apart for the bazillionth time & sew a bodice based on an actual pattern…hopefully that way it will actually fit instead of having a huge gaping hollow bust!

If you have any sewing tips I’m all ears! Leave a comment & let me know :)

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