Winter is coming & that means gloves!

With Winter creeping ever closer I’ve started to dig out all my warm wooly clothing & that includes my ever growing collection of gloves!

You’d think one set of gloves would be enough to see me through Winter but the mini suitcase above is solely dedicated to gloves & hats. Mostly gloves as the following photos shows:

Of all the vintage bargains I collect I think gloves are by far the easiest accessory to find. Most of the gloves (including the white opera kid gloves) cost me no more than £4 each with the majority around £1 a pair!
Price aside though; I love the elegance of vintage gloves & I wish I had more occasions to wear them all. I often find modern gloves to be so bulky & awkward & they make your hands look so big & stubby. All the gloves below are so flattering & slender (mittens aside) & fit like a dream!

Mustard cotton gloves (the BEST fit ever & lovely detailing on sleeve) & Wine suede gloves (again great fit & super soft)

White opera kid gloves. I have NO idea when or if I will ever get the chance to wear these but they are buttery soft & they make you feel so glamorous when you put them on! Even if they are just for dress up I am still really happy to have these in my collection & in such good condition too!

White kid gloves with hand embroidery. So much detail went into the pattern of these gloves & all hand done. I dread to think of the hours someone must have spent creating this design!

So yep! I’m all set for Winter in the glove department at least but I’m still pinning for Summer. I don’t think I am quite ready to pack away all my floral dresses yet!

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