WINTER SAVIOURS: 24hr hydrating face creams



I know I’ve been a terrible beauty blogger or late…utterly terrible in fact. One of the reasons aside from an ever growing work load was down to the fact that my face suffered a horrendous case of acne!

Since developing this I’ve been really careful with choosing what products to put on my face which has lead to less frequent beauty posts, plus who really wants to see Swatch Sunday lips with a chin full of spots?!


I think I have got my beauty blogging mojo back so today I am going to tell you about some really rather lovely face creams I think are perfect for seeing you through the colder months.

First up is Espa – 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser

I’d describe this type of cream as a medium weight one although Espa describe it as a rich cream it’s in no way greasy & it sinks into the skin very well & leaving your face feeling soft & smooth. Here’s how Espa describe it on their website:

A richly hydrating face cream to help diminish early signs of ageing

A deeply replenishing moisturiser to nourish even sensitive skin while it helps delay the early signs of ageing. Potent Myrrh, Frankincense and Neroli stimulate cell renewal, while Vitamin E-rich Peach Kernel Oil protects against environmental aggressors. Nourishing Evening Primrose and Jojoba moisturise for soft, comforted, supple skin.

Suitable for: Suitable for normal, dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin

It’s worth noting that this does have a delicate Frankinscense scent to it. Not as strong as the Neal’s Yard one mind you. It’s mingled with Neroli & whilst I found the Neal’s Yard one to be a bit much; this one is really nice.

Price wise a 55ml jar costs £41 but you can get a smaller 15ml version for £17.50.
I picked mine up at an event so didn’t have to pay for one & whilst I really enjoyed using this product the price for me is just a little bit too high! However, I would definitely recommend you check it out if you pass an Espa counter as not only is it super moisturising, it also is a anti-aging cream. Two birds with one stone & all that!

The second cream is Nuxe – Creme Fraiche 24 hr Moisturise Emulsion

Now this is a product I really do love. I was first introduced to it at a bloggers event a while back & I loved it so much I’m on my second jar despite the fact that I have several new creams to try out!
What I love about this is the whipped cream feel to this product…it’s like a orange blossom scented cream that feels light & fluffy but at the same time wonderfully hydrates the skin. My skin loves to drink this up! Like the Espa cream it doesn’t feel greasy & leaves my face feeling smooth & supple.
Price wise a 60ml jar will cost you £27 which is much more reasonable to me (it was half price on SpaceNK a while back!).

I really hope these reviews help anyone who’s skin needs a good dose of hydration. Both of these are fab choices for anyone looking to introduce a richer cream into their regime for the Winter months.
My skin is a sensitive thing which also is very much combination…oily t-zone & drier cheeks & at the moment I am using the Nuxe one which is proving to be perfect for London’s drop in temperature!

Would love to know which moisturisers you are using at the moment! Leave a comment & let me know :)

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