You know its an HG when you’ll scrape the barrel…!

If you are on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick then look no further than Illamasqua’s “Box”.
Regular readers of my blog will know that this has been a staple red in my collection; my HOLY GRAIL that for a good while was out of stock for an absolute AGE at Illasmasqua stores!

I visited the Selfridges & Beak Street stores several times over the last few months to always find it out of stock. Not that I was ever short of red lipsticks mind you…here is a handful of the red lipsticks in my collection:

This is only a few of what I could easily find & you will notice that there are a few mac ones too; all of which I’ve never been 100% content with…so I resorted to scraping the remnants of my beloved Box lippie:

illamasqua-box-red-lipstick3After about a month of scraping by I think it’s safe for me to say that a product reaches Holy Grail status when you are willing to scrape the barrel to get all the produce out!

This is the red that features the most in many of my outfit of the day pics, it’s just the most perfect red shade with blue undertones, super long lasting & a fantastic vintage matte finish.
I know many people rave about Mac’s Russian Red but I find it to have no depth or richness of colour like Box does. It’s just a very confident & bold red that I LOVE.

So you can imagine my joy when I finally got my mitts on a new tube of my HG!

If you’re looking for a new red or perhaps maybe you’ve tried a red & thought it wasn’t for you…give Box a try. It’s my absolute favourite red & I recommend it to everyone :)


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