Party season hair = pink locks!

With the party season right round the corner & not to mention a good holiday break (!) experimenting with a change of hair colour is a super tempting idea…
I’ve always loved the idea of pink hair. In fact I actually had pink hair back in my teens when my hair was short but I would LOVE that candy floss pink hair *sigh* Maybe one day when I am an old lady :)

When you have naturally dark hair like me it’s super hard to achieve those gorgeous pastel shades let alone any shade of pink without bleaching it first.

That being said I’ve had a little dabble with Colour Mania’s hair shadow & it is fantastic stuff!

colour-mania-pinkI picked this up from Urban Outfitters in the Summer sale for £3 but only just got round to using it.
The product itself pretty much resembles a pressed powder blusher only incredibly pigmented & this shade in particular is a super hot pink!

To apply I just rubbed my hair into the product…probably not the best idea judging from the amount of pink fall out in my bathroom sink; but all the same rather effective!

pink-hairI love the results!
The pigment sits on my auburn locks really well & you can blend it in as much as you want to achieve a nice gradation.

The instructions did state to lock the colour in with hairspray or hair straighteners which I overlooked…shouldn’t have done that as my white & black stripey top ended up peppered with pink powder…oops!

Unfortunately Colour Mania isn’t available from Urban Outfitters any more but there are lots of hair shadows/chalks about i.e Color Bug by Kevin Murphy from Beauty Bay which I’ve spotted in topshop Oxford Street :)

These are fab for anyone with dark hair as it will give you an instant colour lift & perfect for a temporary colour change as they wash out with ease.

Have fun!

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