Little luxuries…something for the weekend!


With so many new products constantly entering the market; it’s easy to forget the ones you use to love.
For me one of those products is Lush’s Butterball bath bomb.

One of my best friends gave me one as part of my xmas present & as soon as I used it I remembered how much of a favourite of mine it use to be.

Lush introduce so many new bath bombs all the time that it’s easy to overlook this small & humble one; but Butterball has been around for years whilst others have come & gone. An oldie but a goodie as the saying goes!

I love the sweet vanilla scent & the cocoa butter beads that melt on contact with the hot water. Leaves you smelling absolutely delicious & wonderfully moisturised.

If you haven’t tried one yet & fancy a little bath time treat then definitely try this bath bomb out for a lovely relaxing & moisturising bath.

Have a lovely weekend!

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