Bleach London – experimenting with colour!

I wish Bleach London was around when I was in college. I use to spend hours in the bathroom experimenting & bleaching my hair so I could colour it varying shades of red, pink & purples…fun times!

Back then I use to use Directions hair dye which was fab but had a tendancy to colour everything from towels through to pillows…good job I liked pink hey…

I spotted the Bleach London range in Boots over the xmas holidays & took full advantage of the 3 for 2 offer; grabbing myself two bottles of dye & the DIY Ombre kit.
You get a decent 150ml of semi-permanent dye for ¬£5 & I reckon one bottle will probably get me 3 applications. I know a few people have said they dislike the bottles the dye comes in but I found them really easy to use as they are quite squeezy so it’s easy to shake the product out. That being said I have reached the bottom of one yet so may change my opinion…!

I don’t know what drew me to Tangerine Dream…I guess I’ve always liked copper hues but this product really does give a bright orange result. Check it out!

I think I left it on for about 15 minutes & it lasted me about 4 washes. Perfect for a temporary change :)
Bleach London has so many candy coloured shades & I would love to dye my hair in Rose, Blullini or Sea Punk but I’d have to seriously bleach my hair to achieve anything noticable. Think I much prefer¬† soft silky hair to dry straw ends!

You can find Bleach London at larger Boots stores or visit the website to order online


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