One Spot Cream to Rule them All!

Spots…there is no polite way to say it but they absolutely SUCK & I have been playing host to a good crop of them of late.

Whether it’s hormones, stress etc…spots will have a way of making their presence know at some point or other…usually choosing their timing perfectly…say a date or an interview for example. Gotta love how they do it!

I have the lovely Caroline Hirons to thank for introducing me to this AMAZING spot cream. The Aesop Control Gel is fantastic stuff & I have tried many a spot cream over the years (the above photo only shows a small handful of the creams I’ve tried).

What do I love about it?

It shrinks spots
It can stop a spot from forming into a giant whitehead
It reduces the healing time like no other
It works fast
It smells pleasant like fresh lemons (no chemical scent or tea tree overdose!)
It isn’t harsh or drying on my skin


If I had to fault it at all it would be the small size (9ml) for £15. That being said I’ve had this tube for about 3 months & I still have over half left. You really don’t need much as  a little goes a long way & it feels wonderfully cooling on the skin.

This is definitely one of my very favourite new skincare finds & one I will absolutely be repurchasing :)

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