The Quilted Corduroy Skirt…

Admittedly the title of this post doesn’t make it sound very appealing…I mean…corduroy & skirt for starters & I go & throw “quilted” in the mix too…!

BUT! It’s such a beautiful skit. So utterly beautiful & I heart it very much:

I’ve had a quilted skirt on my wishlist ever since I had to sadly leave a beautiful one behind in a San Francisco vintage store (I don’t ever buy clothing with suspicious stains on!).

Full circle skirt: £35

Picked this 1950s full circle, pale pink beauty from Scarlet Rage Vintage…quite possibly one of my favourite vintage stores in London. They have such stunning pieces & are definitely well worth a trip to the store if you can.

Funny enough I was in topshop Oxford Circus the other day & Behold! *points to photo below*

On trend?! How funny!

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