Outfit of the Day: Beside the seaside!

Greetings from Brighton Pier!


This Winter has been particularly damp here in the UK…it’s like the rain just never wanted to ever stop!
After literally months of cold & wet weather; the sun FINALLY made a long overdue appearance over the weekend & the bf & I promptly decided to make the most of it & hit the seaside :)

We took a short train ride out to Brighton where we soaked up the rays on the beach, ambled along the pier & meandered down the infamous lanes in search of vintage treasure (alas none was found!).

The change of scenery for the day was great..so good to get out of the city for a change & Brighton is just over an hour away by train.
Needless to say we took full advantage of the pretty little beach huts & pier to take the following photos for today’s Look of the Day:



Cardigan: Emily Temple Cute
T Shirt: H&M
Skirt: vintage
Shoes: Minnetonka
Bangles: bakelite
Sunglasses: Opening Ceremony
Bag: Mulberry

I almost forgot just how good it feels to be in the sun. The warmth & brightness…so good for the soul!

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