NOTD: & Other Stories “Loden Green”

First off let me get this off my chest…& Other Stories…why are your nail polishes so infuriatingly runny?!

At £5 a pop I was expecting good colour payoff but alas this is the second time that this has not been the case.
With so many gorgeous colours I would love to try them all but the swatch below is after 3 coats & the beautiful oh-so-subtle shimmer you can see in the bottle vanished the moment I applied it to my nails:

Another grate about this brand:

Once you remove the packaging you are left with asticky residue that I tried to remove with nail polish remover…it also removed the branding & turned the whole bottle into a grubby mess *sigh* I’ve tried this technique on other bottles & it doesn’t seem to be a problem…

Lovely colours, great design…just terrible value for money. Boo!

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