Vintage Finds: 1950s plastic fantastic!

Hello! Hope you all had a good weekend?

I’ve been finding some great vintage items this month! One of the best things about vintage shopping is you never know what you are going to find.

I’ve had a confetti lucite clamper (bracelet on the left) on my wish list forever & last Saturday I finally found one!
They usually sell for around £40 on etsy or eBay with most of them located in the US so add another £10+ for customs & VAT…yep it all starts adding up.

The clamper bracelet on the right looks like it’s by the manufacturer Weiss but isn’t as far as I can tell. I spotted this one first & just love the crystal detailing. Will match lots of my Summer dresses perfectly.

I bought the two for £18. A flipping great vintage bargain & two bracelets I am very happy to own :)

Whats on your vintage wishlist?

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